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Finalists – The Team Who Backs You

Having the right team behind you – as you navigate your life journey is critical to your success. Like any team situation, Formula One, AFL… any team sport… it is the support team, the stratagy and the unity they bring to the goal that builds and sustains success.

The team at Kadia understand that bringing their best, having the space for autonomous freedom and rich collaboration are the foundation of achieving anything great. 

This is why, when someone has one of us working for them…. they actually have a team behind them.

And… a team that LOVE doing what they do!

These last years in Covid have been beyond tough for so many that we serve. It has been a privilage to walk this road with our clients, advocating for them, and strategically build out solutions that deal with more than the immediate. 

With so many successes, which reach above the standard (100% so far SDA acceptance when state average is 6%) and 92% NDIS AT / Home Mod applications accepted when state average is 45% (local benchmarking) our team know that the investment in time, individualised focus and evidence based practice – they continue to give to each person’s story the richness and justice they deserve.

But the Kadia Story is not about effort, or working hard to the point of burnout, but rather building a foundation of environment, frameworks, training and structure to enable our team to thrive with the freedom they need to approach and honor each person’s story. 

Unpacking the Kadia Culture to mere words on a page is so challenging. How does one articulate into two dimenstions a living, breathing, organism that thrives becuase of the very people who turn up every day, supporting each other to be their best selves.

In many ways, just having the freedom to know we are doing our best, collectively, for those we serve, having each other’s backs and being ready to support when challenges arise is more than enough.

So whilst it is not needed, the industry recognition of this special space as a Finalist for Team Culture Excellence in the Australian Allied Health Awards (top 5 in the country) has added extra fuel to the Kadia Heart. 

We know we are privialged to work in this space, with the team that we do… toward the vision we have.

And are greatful that each day we get to make a real difference. 


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