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Virtual OT in the Covid Space

I have often heard the old addage – there are two sides to every coin

I can’t help but think that this is a real representation of the experiences of many of our Client’s and OT’s as we navigate the therapy space.

Without discounting the disruption, challenges and overwhelm that has come along with Covid-19, there have also been many exciting opportunities.

As a team who have provided on-line OT for over 3 years, with a view to supporting the needs of those who aim to maintain a bio-neutral space within their homes, we have seen the ups and downs of navigating the online health care space.

We have seen the fresh, clearer minds of individuals who have not had to travel to see their therapist, or rush around and exhaust themselves with a house tidy up (we don’t expect it, or need it- but also know we would do exactly the same thing if roles were changed).

Instead, we find those we work with, are settling in front of their phone, tablet or computer, with a cuppa in hand, ready and set up to get the very most out of their session… fresh minded, in a strong position and able to get the full value of their therapy sessions.

Not to mention, it saved travel costs.

The only challenge in pre-covid space, was that for those who didn’t ‘need’ this service, it just seemed so foreign, and in the too hard basket.

But now, in this new space we now live, everyone can access the benefits.

The same great outcomes, with reduced costs – emotionally, physically and protecting the one resource that is not renewable – Time.

It will be really interesting to see if the online / tellehealth mode of Occupational Therapy becomes the new norm.

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