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About Kadia

Unleishing The Power Of Occupational Therapy

Occ-u-pa-tion-al Ther-apy (Occupational Therapy):

Removing the physical, emotional, psychological or environmental barriers preventing you from doing whatever activity matters to you. 


Kadia Occ-u-pa-tion-al Ther-apy:

Leveraging off our unique, evidence based clinical framework to ensure that when someone works with us, they are strategically supported so that the impact of therapy is felt beyond the ‘now’ and builds their story forward to create their new tomorrow.


The Kadia Approach

We understand that where you are at right now is not where you want to be.

We get that for those who are dealing with a life long disability that often the conversation to date has been about survival, rather than recapturing or creating a life dream and building the road to get there.

For those who have a newly acquired challenge in life, it can feel like the dream once held has evaporated.

But we know that this is not how it needs to be.

The Kadia Occupational Therapy team enable you to utilise and  the  you create a new future where you can do what matters to you.

Through applying the Kadia Therapy Approach, you will have a clear pathway with strategic steps which move your story forward and have the support of our team to get there.

We say ‘No’ to conveyer belt type therapies and say “Yes” to custom designed, boutique plans, designed around you.

We get that you are the expert in your life, but we know we can guide, create and carry your story to your next ‘life destination’ and that is how together we Create your New Tomorrow™

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The Australian Allied Health Awards

The Kadia Occupational Therapy Team are finalists for Team Culture Excellence.

As a finalist, Kadia has been recognised as one of the Top Five Therapy services across Australia for their Team Culture.

This award considers services such as physio, psychologists, music therapists (to name just a few) right across Australia.

Therefore, this honour is significant, as it recognises the philosophy that the Kadia Therapy Team have in ensuring that each and every person deserves to live their best life, whether its working for Kadia, or being served by Kadia.



Our Beginnings

Where we come from and where we are going

Reclaim Therapy 2013

Reclaim 2018 – A Team Approach

  Kadia Therapy 2020

Paving The Future

Kadia Therapy is the Passion Project of Janelle Arnold.

Before she was an Occupational Therapist, Janelle had the privilege of being the sibling of Laura, who lived with a disability.

Through growing up in the disability world, and having close ‘older adult’ friends, Janelle understood the real challenges that families and individuals experienced when dealing with Allied Health and Medical Professionals.

Whilst this experience drove Janelle to the world of Occupational Therapy, where she fell in love with the power and impact that OT can have on the lives of those with different challenges, she continued to see the very same challenges in the traditional Allied Health space that she grew up hearing about…

However, in her own work, more and more people from across Victoria, sought to connect with Janelle to help them where they had not been able to find solutions in other spaces. From this space, a word of mouth therapy service – Reclaim Therapy, was born.

Through Reclaim Therapy, Janelle was able to prove that Occupational Therapy has so much more to offer than is traditionally provided. And so, with the collaboration of a Passionate Leadership team who all have personal experience journeying with loved ones living with limitations, Kadia Occupational Therapy was formed.

Kadia is a boutique Occupational Therapy Service, designed for those we serve, run by a Leadership team who all have walked the journey of life with loved ones who live with disabilities.  and a team who, in everything they do, seek to impact the lives of the clients they serve.

In under a year, Kadia Therapy Group has achieved significant success both in and outside the clinical space, with most recently receiving recognition for team culture excellence as a finalist in the Australian Allied Health Awards 2021.

Now, with a cohesive, inspired and innovative team who seek to challenge the status quo in community health, The Kadia Team are paving the way for a whole new future for Occupational Therapy in Australia. 


Occupational Therapy in More Detail

As Occupational Therapists, we work with you to create ‘bridges’ between where you are at right now, and what you want to do in life – irrespective of the physical, environmental or social barriers you might face.

Whether it be creating more autonomy in your life (doing what you want, when you want) or doing a specific task which currently is out of your reach (or costing too much energy). Being able to be who you want to be, and express and connect with the world the way you want to… that is what Occupational Therapy is about.

But, at Kadia we go beyond the basic.

With more than half of our team journeying with people in their personal lives who are living with the challenge of being seen for their disability -rather than their ability, our team really get what it means to dream of a better life. 

We are determined to hold onto the hope which can be hard for you to see in the darkness and we are tenacious when it comes to fighting with you to achieve them no matter how many steps it may take to get there.

We are out of the box solution thinkers…

We are Horizon lifters …

We are Map Writers …

We are Boundary Pushers…

 We…. are Kadia Occupational Therapists!

Serving Our Wider Community

The Kadia Lab

The team at Kadia Therapy Group understand that the professional development, support and growth opportunities at Kadia are unique. 

With an increasing challenges in the Occupational Therapy space in Australia, Kadia Occupational Therapy has sponsored the development of The Kadia Lab – a platform for robust, evidence based clinical education for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Students. 

The Kadia Lab seeks to pull back the clinical curtain on clinical practice and provide high quality professional development, clinical education and business development support across the health care continuum. 

Giving Back To The Profession

Kadia Occupational Therapy believe that through Collaboration, Agility and Courage true Innovation is formed. 

As such, our team maintain a range of advisory, voluntary or faciliatory positions across a range of professional bodies. 

We believe that through serving our profession well, we can invest in the future and current impact of Occupational Therapy in Australia. 

Canteen – Youth Cancer Service

When the cancer journey can feel like it takes so much of life’s opportunities away, the team at Canteen step in to lend a listening ear, a helping hand, and help connect with the joy that can be found.

Our Team get that getting away from it all, and connecting with Canteen can be just the thing that is needed.

So, as a part of our community connections program, we sponsor kids and teenagers to be able to get back to the heart of doing through sponsoring

– Recreation days

– Councillor Connections

and more Canteen Programs.

Click Here to see the great work that Canteen are doing.

Noel – MAF Pilot – Arnhem Land 

Every person deserves the opportunity to live their best life. But for many in Australia, being connected to the basics such as health care, (including Occupational Therapy), education and connection to family is beyond reach. 

Noel, light aircraft pilot, flies throughout Arnhem Land – one of the most remote areas of Australia. 

In any single day, Noel and his team transport students, teachers, health workers and community members to where they need to go. The MAF team provide this vital service in spaces where standard commercial services are unable to service at a cost that is affordable to community. 

Without this service, many students from remote stations and communities would be unable to return home each term break, remaining isolated and disconnected from that which gives them the most meaning. 

Occupational Therapy recognises the  power of relationship and connection and their impact on an individual’s and communities wellbeing. 

We are privileged to be able to support this great work in a small way, and look forward to expanding horizons over the coming years. 

Are you ready to start?