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Assistive Technology

Bridging The Gap

Tools To Make Life Easier

As Humans we use tools every single day.

We might use a pen, to write a list or use a car  to turn a 55 hour walk into a 1 hour drive. 

We use a fork to pick up food, and a spoon for soup, a rake to garden with, the list is endless.

Assistive technology is exactly this. It is “stuff” that can help us bridge the gap between what we can do and what we want to do.

Or it can just frankly make life that bit easier.

Assistive Technology can be used in all areas of living – and the list is kind of endless, so to get a good picture of what could be out there to help you out, We encourage you to give us a call.

To know if Assistive Technology could help you, just have a think about things that you may have stopped doing because they have become too hard, confusing, overwhelming, complex or worrisome.

Or maybe those things seem like they are just not worth the effort anymore.

Another indicator that Assistive Technology might be helpful for you is when you experience fatigue. This is the kind of tiredness that no matter how much sleep you get – you never feel …right.

Or, it could be that you feel like your battery runs low super quick.

If any of these situations sounds like something you are experiencing, then it just might be worth a call to our “gadget team” …aka the OT’s at Kadia.

Beds and Bed Mobility

Being able to get in bed, out of bed and move throughout the night to stay comfortable for some can be quite a feat.  With so many pieces of equipment, or even the option to explore a bed which moves at a push of a button, the options for support are endless. However, with so many suppliers and options on the market, making sure you get the right solution to your specific challenge can be overwhelming. 

Your Occupational Therapist will take the time to really get to know your current situation, and using their advanced knowledge of different health conditions, and how they impact every day life, they will help match you to a solution which meets your needs now, and into the future. 

We also work with many funding bodies who are able to provide financial support to cover the right solution for you. 

Kitchen Tools

There are so many tasks and options when it comes to kitchen tools that make life easier.

Our OT’s can come to you with a range of items which you can try in the comfort of your own home.

With careful consideration of your specific needs, our OT’s are also able to design custom solutions so that you can keep doing what you love.

NDIS Personal Care

Bathroom Tools

Even if you need help getting in and out of the shower (or bath), there are many options available to keeping you as safe and independent as possible. 

Whether it’s helping you have more autonomy in self care, or providing privacy and opportunity for dignity, our OT’s are here to help. 

Not only can we provide guidance on the right tools for you, we will also help reduce risk of falls within the bathroom, helping you have increased confidence. 

Garden Tools

Watching how plants respond to nurturing and love is an incredible experience. If you are a green thumb, or just a plant lover, then arthritis, or any other condition does not need to get in the way of you doing what you love. 

We encourage you to connect with our OT’s to see what is possible in helping you stay connected, and your plants healthy and happy. 

NDIS Gardening
NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment

Writing Tools

Is writing birthday and Christmas Cards special for you? Or maybe it is just being able to give a clear shopping list so that you don’t end up with baubles instead of rice bubbles. Whatever it is that is important to you, if you are starting to find writing difficult, then now just might be the time to connect with our OT team to see what training and tools might work for you. 

Are you ready to start?