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Streamlined Systems

With fully integrated, synced (and portable) systems at your finger tips, you won’t find yourself bogged down with unnecessary admin. 

With high levels of intervention-specific resourcing, you will have what you want and need – no matter where you are.

Leadership and Training

Developing our team to be strong and dynamic leaders is a key passion of ours.

Our multifaceted, Clinician Lead Development Program builds the spine of our service, enabling each team member to be their best selves. 

Subject Matter Focus

Ready to deep-dive into a specific clinical area?

Our Directors and Leadership team are fully behind you. They don’t believe in waiting until there is a ‘vacancy’ for you to grow and shine.

Instead, they work with you to enhance your skills and interests to support your clients, colleagues and the wider OT space.  

Autonomy and Support

They say the best job is working where you want, when you want and with whom you want. 

Here at Kadia, you get all three! We know our team is awesome, and we know, that each team member takes their life roles seriously. 

So, with the freedom to work Where and When …we have hit the trifecta!

NDIS Occupational Therapy Training

Teaching and Training

Whether your into teaching, training and supporting others, or are at a stage in your career where you just want to absorb and consolidate your skills – you will find the Kadia Training Space one where you have the time, attention and focus needed to bring your best. You will also have the added benefit of free access to all the online training courses at The Kadia Lab… The Nationwide Education Program for Occupational Therapists founded by Kadia. 


Want to have all the benefits and opportunities of working within the growing private sector, but don’t want to be just another number?

Seeking true collaboration where your colleagues get in there with you? – or you with them?

Joining the Kadia Community means being open and engaged with our Authentic, Genuine community.

It means joining a second family, not the weird kind, but the one that has your back.

Career Growth

Frustrated with constantly giving your team extra value, but being held back because there is no vacancy?

Our team at Kadia have career paths which capture the heart of each team member’s passion, dependent on each person’s growth and goals.

Imagine what you could do with the full support of our leadership behind you.  


We know that the best work is done when staff are safe and secure. Our team takes safety seriously, with ergonomic set-ups, personal safety alarms, duel therapist visit protocols and contingency management, our team are trusted to access the supports available when needed.

Exceeding Expectations

The Kadia Team are committed to bringing the best to our clients, and doing OT differently.

With a full time AV tech on staff – we are excited to see what opportunities are on our horizon. 

Are you ready to start?