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The Kadia Life is one of Creativity, Collaboration and Celebration.

We celebrate life long learning, and enjoy changing lives together. 

We know it is such a privialge to be allowed into the life journeys of our clients – and never take that for granted. 

We are passionate learners, and look forward to meeting with you to see if our roads converge. 

I hope to talk soon. 

Janelle Arnold

CEO / Clinic Lead

Current Kadia Team Opportunities

Allied Health Assistant

Aged Care Clinical Therapist / Senior 

South Eastern

Clinical Therapist

Seating Clinican / Lead – Occupational Therapist

Senior Clinican / Subject Matter Expert

Modification Clinican / Senior Clinican – Occupational Therapist

Dementia Clinican / Senior Clinican – Occupational Therapist

“The Onboard Training, and access to the Staff Portal has meant that I have been able to get the help I need to find my feet.”

New Team Member

“Working at Kadia is like working no where else. The respect and genuine connection the team have for each other is nothing like I have experienced anywhere else”
Admin Team Member

“I will never forget the day that I walked into the office, and saw a number of team members working on a unexpected, and last minute review report together. I remember thinking that such support was un-usual, that often workplaces have such time pressure that such collaboration was not possible. 

Now I realise – here, it is just the Norm”

Clinical Success Team Member

“Thank-you for always making me laugh, you are a joy to have in the office and its never a dull moment having you here…..Your diligence with your video editing is also really appreicated”
Client Experience Team Member

“Having the time, resources and support to bring our best for our clients… allows me to go home, knowing I have done a great job”
Clinical Success Team Member

“I am never more proud of the team, as when they come to planning days, with the voices and needs of our clients front and center.  Ready, with sleeves rolled up to create and build targeted change which makes a real difference to those we serve”
Team Success Leader

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If you have specific questions regarding the role, give our Support Team a call, or book in a sheduled call with our Clinic Lead. 

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Take the time to show us why you would be a great fit for our awesome team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We value your time. So we make sure that we organise a time that mutually suits to catch up and explore the possibilities…