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 Senior Therapist / Subject Matter Expert


A message from the team at Kadia: 

Kadia is an established Occupational Therapy Service in the Eastern Region of Melbourne (Head office in Kilsyth). 

Over the last year we have seen exceptional clinical outcomes with an NDIS recommendation acceptance rate in the 90th percentile leading to high client satisfaction rates. 

With increasing demands on our specific skills, our team are ever growing as we provide support for those in the eastern regions of Melbourne. We also provide online services state-wide and are building a strong reputation of providing innovative, client centric support.

We believe that having the right people doing the right things, enables each team member to be able to achieve their best – and finish each day well. 

The well-resourced operational administration and client support team handle all non-clinical administration tasks, leaving the Allied Health Assistants free to provide unobstructed clinical support (admin and client contact) to the Therapy Team. 

To find out more, head over to www.kadia.com.au. 

What Your Role Looks Like: 

This role requires independent working within a framework of close collaboration.

Initially you will start out with a focus predominantly on clinical administration with opportunities to pick up client-direct work based on your skills, interests and workplace training. 

You will be provided with a Mac-book, iPad and iPhone as well as additional tools required to complete your role effortlessly – including a sit to stand desk in the office. 

This role will initially work within the office environment during on-boarding so that you have the support you need. Once settled, opportunities to work from home or other locations will be available. 

As our Allied health assistant team grows, there will be increasing opportunity for leadership growth and development. 

Those with international allied health degrees or equivalent, exercise science degrees and AHA graduates are encouraged to apply. High-level English communication is required. 

Key Requirements: 

  • Cert IV in allied health assistance (equivalencies / international degrees happily accepted)
  • Drivers licence and own road worthy vehicle
  • Willing to undergo ‘National police check’ and ‘working with children’s check’


Day-to-day tasks will involve but not limited to the following:

  • Providing clinically specific administration support to therapists
  • Supporting clients through their journey with us
  • Assisting therapists with hands on assessments
  • Liaising with clients and key stakeholders (equipment suppliers ect.) to organise appointments and clinical tool availability.
  • Supporting report development so that clients receive timely intervention resolution
  • Supporting clinical case-load management alongside operational admin team
  • Assisting clients with Daily Living training programs designed by the treating therapist (workplace training provided)
  • Independent working in the community with clients
  • Opportunity for service development and project work
  • Based on support services award

This role is right for you if the following are true…

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Comfortable with technology and online solutions
  • Enjoy a balance of collaborative and autonomous work
  • A self-starter and yet know when and how to ask for help.
  • Enjoy having fun, socialising as a team and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

This role is not for you if: 

  • You are more interested in yourself than working as a team
  • Are unable to be authentic and transparent in your work
  • Does not appreciate growing nor the challenges that result in growing.
  • Unwilling to work as a team, placing yourself front and center for attention
  • You pull down the culture of the team by not upholding the values of the team.
  • Just want to rock up to work and do the bare minimum without investing in, or receiving support from your team members

Applications must include:

  • Cover letter outlining what you uniquely bring to the role
  • An up-to-date CV demonstrating your relevant experience in relation to this role.
  • The results of the 16 personalities test found at http://16personalities.com

**Applications close Feb 9th**

As this is a highly desirable role, interviews will be offered as applications are received. 


“Working at Kadia is like working no where else. The respect and genuine connection the team have for each other is nothing like I have experienced anywhere else”
Admin Team Member

“I will never forget the day that I walked into the office, and saw a number of team members working on a unexpected, and last minute review report together. I remember thinking that such support was un-usual, that often workplaces have such time pressure that such collaboration was not possible.  Now I realise – here, it is just the Norm”
Clinical Success Team Member

“Thank-you for always making me laugh, you are a joy to have in the office and its never a dull moment having you here…..Your diligence with your video editing is also really appreicated”
Client Experience Team Member

“To our CL – high-five for always being available and willing to go the extra mile. We are so blessed to have you as our boss”
Clinical Success Team Member

“Having the time, resources and support to bring our best for our clients… allows me to go home, knowing I have done a great job”
Clinical Success Team Member

“Apparently, you two are the culprits to blame for bringing home goodies 🙂 . Undeniable concrete proof that you guys are consistently excellent at your job…”
Client Experience Team Member

“I am never more proud of the team, as when they come to planning days, with the voices and needs of our clients front and center.  Ready, with sleeves rolled up to create and build targeted change which makes a real difference to those we serve”
Team Success Leader

“After asking the team to come up with the works which they believe reflect the heart of Kadia the largest words in the wordle were (most repeated words are largest): “Collaboration, Excellence, Compassion, Transparency, Accountability, Creativity, Integrity, Learning, Wellbeing..””
Clinical Lead

“At Kadia, we choose to have uplifting conversations that build each other, and our clients up. We believe the best in ourselves, and appreciate where our client is at, and help guide them out of that hole
Clinical Success Team Member

“What I like about Kadia? That the Leadership Team really care, I mean, where else do you talk about having a sore back… and get a full sit to stand desks set up (for the whole team) only a few weeks later?
Clinical Success Team Member

“My Favorite thing? um… It’s kinda hard to choose from, but the fact that even in this covid space, we have each been supported to make the best decisions for us – whilst still caring for those we serve… thats been pretty awesome.
Clinical Success Team Member

Thing I miss most during Covid?  It’s definitely the coffee shop hangouts and cute places for supervision.  It’s been fun still, having socials online… 
Clinical Success Team Member

Thing I miss most during Covid?  It’s definitely the coffee shop hangouts and cute places for supervision.  It’s been fun still, having socials online… 
Clinical Success Team Member

We are so blessed to work in a team that values building each other up, striving to be their best selves, and using every opportunity to Learn and Grow… …A team that enjoys having fun, whilst getting the job done.
Operations Manager

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