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How Kadia Occupational Therapy is Different… 

Kadia is a private practice that puts the clinical models of Occupational Therapy at the heart of its service – in both how we function as a team, and how we serve our clients. 

We turn both day-to-day and the trickiest of situations into the most comprehensive and soul reviving solutions for those who are experiencing changes and limitations due to age or disability.

Here at Kadia Occupational Therapy, we get that client’s no longer want a cookie cutter approach.  They want services that truly meet their meaningful, functional needs, not just adding another piece of equipment which gathers dust.


During Covid

During the 2020 COVID-19 season, our team reached to new heights with ease, with a quick expansion of our existing state-wide tele-health service and thrived within our online eco-system which provides flexibility, autonomy and social connection… even when remote.

With comments from clients like “I never knew OT could be like this.. we have seen OT’s for over 20 years, and this experience has been like chalk and cheese…. We really feel like we have missed out all this time”… we know we are getting it right.



As an Occupational Therapist in our team, you will 

  • Be empowered to have energising relationships with clients, whilst preventing burnout from our shared care clinical model. 
  • Have the opportunity to extend your scope, with support from the leadership team, into areas of professional interest, and growth needs, without being bogged down by administration tasks. 
  • Have a case load that is collaboratively created and clinically shared, targeting your learning and teaching needs (if you want to teach),
  • Access full support from our AHA Team who will assist in appointment booking, trial set ups and report preparations (to name just a few things this awesome team do). 

The Kadia team believe in true collaboration – whether it’s in the office, or on the online eco-system… support is literally just a second (or click) away. 

Here, we share clients, knowledge, resources, wins and time. It is literally celebrated when someone asks for a hand, and when asked, it is known that a hand is literally in reach. 

Here at Kadia we stand against the clinical ‘churn’ and hold tightly to the vision and reality of doing OT as we are designed to do – pushing the boundaries and using our clinical models as our Map. 

We get that client’s want an innovative service that listens to what they really want to achieve in life. 


This leads us to inspirational outcomes like:

  • A wheelchair accessible bee-hive, 
  • Management plan development so that going to musicals is achievable, and 
  • Clients realising that independent living is actually possible when they had resigned themselves to living with their parents as they age. 
  • Transformation of mindset from seeing AT as a measure of disability to an opportunity for horizon expansion
  • A young mum no longer needing to choose between taking her kids to the park or cooking dinner… now she can do both and also do bedtime reading 


Kadia’s Core Features: 

  • Value of the Therapeutic Process:  A core focus on the power of clinical models, and journeying with clients beyond the provision of “stuff” 
  • Boundary protection: as a team recognising that we can do anything… just not everything! We get that saying “no” is soo much better than saying a compromised “yes”.
  • Help our future selves: we get that the decisions we make today, affect tomorrow… so we make decisions which build us forward and protect our future… not create a fire for tomorrow. 
  • Learning: Internal and External training designed around your goals
  • Clinical Mentoring Panel: Our clinical mentors (internal and external) to build you up. Whether it is Home Modifications, Assistive Technology, Mental Health or another area of practice, we have you covered. If we don’t have immediate access to what you need, your supervisor is here to guide.
  • Best Practice Clinical Supervision: With a supervision framework based on the work by OT Michelle Bihary (clinical supervision specialist) our team thrive on having tailored supervision plans which are based on their reflective learning needs… not operational requirements.
  • Dedicated operational supports including in-house Video editor, client experience team and allied health assistant team. 
  • In-house Development: Level-up your learning through our in-house training opportunities designed around the ‘on the ground’ needs of the team including journal club, hot seat and our own traning portal. 
  • Flexibility:  Work a split week from home and the office, with hours flexible around kids drop off/sporting events/ gym sessions… or just start early so that you get a long week end EVERY week
  • Designer Office: a space designed by OT’s FOR OT’s … a space where you can unwind and know that you are valued…. After all we understand the impact of environment on meaningful experiences.
  • Tea / Coffee: Save hundreds of dollars on tea and coffee thanks to our well stocked Kitchen (currently holding 13 flavours of teas and 20 different coffees – it’s a team vote) …but just quietly we also don’t use this as an excuse to not hit the local coffee shops!
  • Integrated Technology: which brings the best of collaborative tools with the seamless connection of your own iPad, iMac and iPhone.
  • Passion Project: Time set aside each week for you to work on that opportunity that has niggled away  


As a Kadian you will be: 

  • Valued as a team member and by clients 
  • Connected in a happy workplace where failures and wins are celebrated – as both demonstrate learning. 
  • Imbedded with like-minded colleagues who a passionate about functional occupational therapy. 
  • Supported in professional/personal skill development
  • Empowered in clinical skill enhancement
  • Productive in your workflow
  • Adding value to the team’s clients in their own unique journeys
  • Confidence in your professional growth
  • Clarity in career growth around your strengths and opportunities
  • Passionate about your clinical work, digging deeper than ‘just the stuff’ 
  • Protected by boundaries with clients and co-ords alike
  • Connected with your team members- whether working virtually or face to face. 
  • Backed by the AHA team so that you can do what you do best


As a result, you will experience: 

  • Shared values with your team 
  • The time and resources you need to be the effective therapist you have always wanted to be
  • Encouragement to live out clinical models in practice – pushing past the equipment to the functional therapy we learnt about in Uni…
  • Commitment from leadership team in supporting your personal and professional growth
  • Weekly Personal goal engagement with leadership to remove barriers to growth
  • Quarterly Growth Goal check-ins to help you access the best resources for your goals
  • Passion Project Protected time each week to work on what gives you that spark
  • Consistent access to your support team 
  • Administration support from both our AHA and Operational Admin teams. 
  • A team that has your back, as we navigate possibilities together. 
  • Passion about your clinical work, digging deeper than ‘just the supply of stuff’ 
  • Innovation: previously untapped opportunity to push the possibilities 


The Outcome of this is…

  • A team that gets great outcomes, feeling the rewards of success
  • A team that together, with training, support and collaboration achieve a more than 90% acceptance rate of NDIS applications, 95% Major Modifications funded, and 100% SDA application rate…purely from the out-workings of being a great team without the overwhelm of expectation.  
  • Freedom to grow professionally, valuing the process of OT is more than just the objectively “ideal” intervention. 
  • A team that works, learns, supports and celebrates together
  • A culture where failure is merely a consequence of innovation… and is therefore encouraged. 
  • Opportunities to grow and consolidate as a therapist or step into a leadership or teaching role… the opportunities are endless.
  • Being able to go home, go on leave or be on a day off… with peace of mind. Knowing your team has your back. 



Not everyone can be a Kadian. 

                  Just like Cinderella, the ‘shoe’ really has to fit. 

To be seriously considered for this role, please have the following in regard to:

  • Experience: At least 2 years in a similar role or At least 5 years in an acute or sub-acute role and be willing to be trained according to learning needs. 
  • Registration: Hold registration with APRAH as an Occupational Therapist 
  • Licence: Have both a reliable vehicle and licence, and be willing to undergo a WWCC, Police Check and NDIS check. 
  • Skills: you must have good written skills and great interpersonal skills. 
  • Characteristics: This is an autonomous position, so you should know when you need support, and be willing to ask for it. We value our culture, and protect it fiercely, so we expect you to be willing to loft others up, strive for excellence and be willing to be vulnerable. It is also an innovative role, so you must be willing to gracefully accept when things don’t go to plan, and be likewise willing to celebrate when gains are made by yourself… or others. 
  • Passion for occupational therapy and the life transforming power of clinical models applied in practice.


Our Kadia Values: 

Agile Open Minds – Eye of Curiosity – Core of Courage – Choose to Elevate – Eye of Excellence


If this sounds like a role that inspires you, send us the following in your application:

  • Cover letter outlining why you think this is the right shoe for you!
  • The results of your 16 personalities test https://www.16personalities.com/
  • Your resume covering relevant experience

As you can imagine, this kind of opportunity does not come along all that often, and we interview as applications come in… so make sure you click now and upload your application before Cinderella’s coach turns into a pumpkin. 

To find out more, give Kendall and Janelle a call on 1300 577 929 for a confidential conversation or check us out at Kadia.com.au


“Working at Kadia is like working no where else. The respect and genuine connection the team have for each other is nothing like I have experienced anywhere else”
Admin Team Member

“I will never forget the day that I walked into the office, and saw a number of team members working on a unexpected, and last minute review report together. I remember thinking that such support was un-usual, that often workplaces have such time pressure that such collaboration was not possible. 

Now I realise – here, it is just the Norm”

Clinical Success Team Member

“Thank-you for always making me laugh, you are a joy to have in the office and its never a dull moment having you here…..Your diligence with your video editing is also really appreicated”
Client Experience Team Member

“To our CL – high-five for always being available and willing to go the extra mile. We are so blessed to have you as our boss”
Clinical Success Team Member

“Having the time, resources and support to bring our best for our clients… allows me to go home, knowing I have done a great job”
Clinical Success Team Member

“Apparently, you two are the culprits to blame for bringing home goodies :) . Undeniable concrete proof that you guys are consistently excellent at your job…”
Client Experience Team Member

“I am never more proud of the team, as when they come to planning days, with the voices and needs of our clients front and center.  Ready, with sleeves rolled up to create and build targeted change which makes a real difference to those we serve”
Team Success Leader

“After asking the team to come up with the works which they believe reflect the heart of Kadia the largest words in the wordle were (most repeated words are largest):

“Collaboration, Excellence, Compassion, Transparency, Accountability, Creativity, Integrity, Learning, Wellbeing..””

Clinical Lead

“At Kadia, we choose to have uplifting conversations that build each other, and our clients up. We believe the best in ourselves, and appreciate where our client is at, and help guide them out of that hole
Clinical Success Team Member

“What I like about Kadia?

That the Leadership Team really care, I mean, where else do you talk about having a sore back… and get a full sit to stand desks set up (for the whole team) only a few weeks later?

Clinical Success Team Member

“My Favorite thing? um…

It’s kinda hard to choose from, but the fact that even in this covid space, we have each been supported to make the best decisions for us – whilst still caring for those we serve… thats been pretty awesome.

Clinical Success Team Member

Thing I miss most during Covid? 

It’s definitely the coffee shop hangouts and cute places for supervision. 

It’s been fun still, having socials online… 

Clinical Success Team Member

Thing I miss most during Covid? 

It’s definitely the coffee shop hangouts and cute places for supervision. 

It’s been fun still, having socials online… 

Clinical Success Team Member

We are so blessed to work in a team that values building each other up, striving to be their best selves, and using every opportunity to Learn and Grow…

…A team that enjoys having fun, whilst getting the job done.

Operations Manager

the process

How it all works


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If you have specific questions regarding the role, give our Support Team a call, or book in a sheduled call with our Clinic Lead. 

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