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Working Together to Navigate Great Outcomes

It is such a privilege to step into the world of each client we serve.

To be able to share these profound journeys with such amazing support co-ordinators is a professional and personal honour.

Standing side by side, working together to overcome hurdles – supporting and witnessing the growth of those we serve… the journey and successes are richer for the partnership.

Janelle Arnold

Unpacking Client Needs

Often figuring out the best way to support a client to utilise their package is not all-together that clear.

Occupational Therapists look at the whole person and their situation, and assess for those handful of things which, if intentionally supported, will have a positive rippling effect throughout their life.

Throught participating in a global Occupational Therapy Assessment or a Clinical Stratagy Session,  you can set your client up for success – helping them to enhance the effect of the funding provided across their plan.

Resource Support

Here at Kadia, we believe that we (all of us who serve others) are only as powerful as our network. As such, we have cultivated strong connections within out community – and we offer it to you!

If you ever feel like you need a sounding board, or are finding that rocks to look under are becoming a little scares, then feel free to drop us a line – you never know, we just might know someone… who knows someone…

So give us a call…

Multi – Method Referrals

The Kadia Team know how busy you are. We know that with so many balls that you are balancing and that double handling of information is not what you need.

We know its not the method but the Quality of information that makes the difference…

Therefore, we accept referrals in all their forms…

Just make sure to give clear, high quality information and let us know what is your main reason for wanting our support.

You should expect to have confirmation of your referral within 24 hours.

Are you ready to start?