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Discharge Planning and GP Referrals

Maximising Your Options

General Practitioners

We accept referrals from GP’s including private, DVA and Medicare services.

Referrals can be via email, phone or fax.

All faxes are converted into e-faxes which is our secure and privacy compliant fax referral program.

Our DVA service runs a priority booking system which means all DVA referrals are seen within a 3-10 day window.

Jump over to “contact us” to select your preferred referral option.


Discharge Planning Support

Here at Kadia, we understand the challenges of trying to get someone home.

We know that sometimes you need someone to be your eyes and ears, doing a remote home assessment…

or you may be needing to bounce ideas off a local service to help unpick options for a tenuose situation.

Whatever your discharge planning needs may be, feel free to give us a call.

It can also be an idea to ask for a clinical consult with our clinical strategists Janelle and Joanna- who have been in your shoes countless times, to strategise out of the box solutions.


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