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Home Modifications

Changing Your Environment

Changing Your Space

The environment around us can either help, or hinder us.

Often, the environment – be it our bathrooms, our front or back doors, or even our kitchen have been designed with budgets, design or standard practicalities in mind.

But, when faced with living life with a physical limitation within these spaces, our life can be made all that much harder.

In the process of designing and building a space which promotes autonomy, independence and safety – whilst also looking great, there are many individual and personalised considerations which are need to be made.

Occupational Therapists looks beyond the building materials, and basic design to identify and recommend key elements which are needed to maximise the functional ability of the person or people using and interfacing with that space.

Having our OT’s, who are passionate about removing the built-in-barriers work with you to assess, recommend and guide you through the process of re-creating your own space, you will help prevent that oh so bitter buyers remorse, and instead,  build a targeted, custom space – designed around you.

Our OT’s have helped many families gain access to their homes, via platform steps, ramps and lifts. They have also worked across single story, double and multi-story complexes, as well as state-schools, corporate workplaces and caravans.

If you have the environment around you getting in the way, and preventing you from living the life you want to live, give us a call to see what working with Kadia to create your own ‘new tomorrow’ could look like. 

Major Bathroom Modifications

Every day tasks like toileting and showering can be one of the singular biggest challenges many people face.

By working with an OT who has completed additional Environmental Modification Training, you will be able to have the right environment built for you.

Our team work with multiple funding bodies to help remove the burden of cost from our clients.

The best part? When we work with you, we not only consider your functional needs, but also work with you to achieve an aesthetic outcome.

Modifying Your Access

Getting inside and outside your home should be something you can do without even thinking. With options of ramps, platform steps, lifts and chair lifts just some of the options available, there is an option available for you. 

Call now to see what support is available to you. 

Minor Modifications

Sometimes it is the smallest change which can make the biggest difference. 

Whether it is a small lip, step or something to hold onto, the range of options available will work into your vision for your home. 

The Following images are used with thanks from our clients. Each home modification is designed around the goals and needs of each family and therefore can vary significantly. These bathrooms have all been funded in entirety or near entirety by funding bodies. 

Through the home modification process, we are able to explore with you what would be able to be fully funded and what would be extra costs. If you would like to know more, please contact us. 

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