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Preparing For Your Interview

The Kadia Way

Preparing for your Kadia interview 101

In preparation for your interview, please take a moment to look over the values below. 

In no way is this list exhaustive, so if you find that one of your own personal values is not listed, by all means, note it down. 

In the interview you will be asked to share your three most important personal values and why you chose these. 

When it comes to values, there are no right or wrong… so just consider what is most important to you. 

In addition, we also kindly ask that you have your referees ready to go. We like to have things work quickly and smoothly through the interview process, as we know how painful it can be playing the waiting game. 

So in preparation for your interview please come prepared with 

1. your three values

2. the “whys” behind your choice

3. Reference list of three or more personal and professional contacts.


We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind regards,

The Kaida Leadership Team


PS: Ps: we are grateful for the permission to use and reference this values list


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