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Your Therapy Plan

Setting You Up for success

Your Therapy Team here at Kadia (previously reclaim) are dedicated to finding solutions to barriers you find in your path and are here to unpack with you. 

What is a Therapy Plan…

A Therapy Plan is a roadmap, outlining the steps and services you are wanting (or have been identified as needing) from your Therapy Team.

Why have a Therapy Plan? 

When it comes to therapy it is vitally important that we are all on the same page and have a single point of reference so we all know what is happening, when and any associated costs.

The Therapy Plan Outlines What…

– Supports have been identified as needed,

– Supports have been agreed to be worked on,

– The priority of supports,

– The cost associated with any service provided are.

Acceptance of the therapy plan can be either by signing the therapy plan itself or by writing to us with your acceptance or changes.

What Is the difference between a service agreement and a Therapy Plan?

A Therapy Plan works with your service agreement.

The service agreement unpacks how we will work together and how to let us know if something needs to change. To help keep your paperwork down, service agreements are updated

  • On request.
  • When an update to the service agreement occurs.
  • At times where there is a new plan and a new agreement is needed.

If you are continuing with ongoing therapy with us, but have a new funding plan. You may not need a new service agreement, however you will need to update your therapy plan to make sure that we know what it is you want us to continue to focus on.

I want to make changes to my therapy plan – how do I do this?

We get that situations and priorities change. So, you can make changes to your plan by putting your requests in writing. This way we can ensure that we are all on the same page.

This is your plan for service, and therefore can be put on hold, or service items cancelled at your request. We do note however, that should time protected for your service be cancelled, re-instatement of service hours will only be able to be addressed at the next available time series.

the process

How it all works


Book a Consultation

A one to one session focused on what is most important to you. Listing to your story and unpacking the barriers to achieving your Goal.

Assessment and Intervention

Once we have a clear understanding of what you want and where you want to be in life, we will help you brake through the barriers holding you back.

Let Us Do The Hard Parts

Where funding support is needed, such as from the NDIS, TAC, SWEP, DVA or alternate sources, we will step through the appropriate processes to enable you to maximise your opportunities within these funding programs.