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Living Well With Disability

Living Life Your Way (NDIS)

Living Life Your Way!

If you or someone you care for live with a disability, and find that challenges in life are getting in the way of you thriving… then Occupational Therapy might be your next right step. 

Our Occupational Therapists look at all areas of living, doing and being, and work with you to unpack what you want to do in life, often peeling back the curtain to what your hopes and dreams are… 

to then map out a strategic path to get there. 

Sometimes its a new item of equipment, an environmental change which might get you to where you want to be…

or working with your OT as your coach, or a clinical assistant to work on sustainable life skills training. 

The team at Kadia go beyond the quick fix and the ‘tick a box’ therapy to find what really will make that deeper, impactful, sustainable difference. 

Our Occupational Therapists supports include:

– Functional Assessments

– Home Modifications

– Safe and Accessible Environments 

– Wheelchair and Seating 

– Assistive Technology

– Vehicle Modifications

– Independent Living Skills 

– Rare Condition Support

– Early Onset Dementia 

– Supported Disability Accommodation          (SDA) Assessments

– Independent Living Options (ILO) Assessments 

– Pressure Care

– Holiday and lifestyle planning

– Sensory profiling (Teens and Adults)

– Social Skills (Teens and Adults)

– Complex Care Strategy and Planning

– Getting onto the NDIS 

– NDIS standardised Assessments

– Funding Increase Applcations

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We work with the following funding sources. We also work with many more including private health insurance and with yourself directly. Contact us to find out how we can best support you. 

Functional Assessment

Occupational Therapy at it’s core focuses on improving the level of independence or autonomy a person has. 

Functional Assessments aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individuals level of independence and support they need. 

The types of assessments used will depend on what areas of life and activities you want to explore, as well as the purpose of the assessment and resulting report. 

These assessments help unpack the strengths and challenges someone faces. 

The results can then provide a foundation for strategic development of a therapy and support plan to optimise funding utilisation. 

The Team at Kadia are highly skilled in optimising therapy and supports input to maximise gains and growth as well as gaining optimal funding. 

If a functional assessment sounds like your right next step, connect with us here

Home Modification

When big changes are needed to our home, whether it be getting in and out, working in the kitchen or managing personal care in the shower, a major home modification might be just the thing. 

A home modification is much more than a renovation, and is an area that is often miss-understood for its complexity and importance. 

After all, we do not want to turn our homes, your home, into feeling like a hospital!

Home Modifications is where our Occupational Therapists truely shine. 

Our team pride themselves in exploring what you really need, optimising funding and creating with you a bathroom or environment that you can be inspired by.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to explore what major modifications could look like for you.

Safe and Accessible Environments

The design  of our homes are often not the perfect fit for us, and sometimes just being home alone, or doing things ourselves is a little challenging.

This is the reason we come out to you to assess the inside and outside of your home.  A home safety assessment helps us identify things in your home that makes it helpful or difficult for you to complete your everyday tasks. The goal of this assessment is to make tasks easier, improve safety and increase your independence at home.

We understand that a home is personal and respect that changing your home is not always possible. For situations like this, we can recommend other ways to modify your home to best suit you. This can include anything from relocating furniture, using equipment or “assistive technology” and providing tips, or what we call our “life hacks”.

If you would like to know more, contact us for more details.

Wheeled Mobility

Whether it is a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair, scooter or power assist, our team are here to explore your needs. 

Getting the right set of wheels is important as the right match will not only help you, but expand and broaden your horizon. 

However, getting it wrong can cause frustration and limitation. 

With consideration needed from everything from the type of casters, motors, frames and seating systems, our team can explore what works for you right now and help build forward into your future. 

Whilst there is no ‘perfect’ chair out there that can do it all, our team will work with you to establish your needs, goals and purpose and unpack a solution that optimises your opportunities.

To find out more, contact us now


Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any item or product which helps us complete a task or activity we want to do. 

With so many different things we can do in our day, such items can be something as small as a can opener, or automated buttons to control our environment. 

By working with our team, you will be able to explore a wide variety of activities and high quality products and technologies which can help you maximise your independence and autonomy. 

Sometimes it can be the seemingly simplest of items, or the most customised that will help you jump the barrier to getting on with life. 

To find out what would work well for you, connect with our team here. 


Independent Living Skills

Every day skills build the structure for life. 

Whether it be brushing our teeth, getting ready in the morning or managing time… the skills we use each day can have hidden complexities. 

Usually by the time someone comes to see us about daily living skills support, they have tried a wide variety of strategies.

When working with our team, we will dig beneath the surface to unpack what is truely needed, exploring your strengths, opportunities and resources to not only identify a way forward, but work with you to develop skills in these areas. 

Sometimes it is not only a matter of building skills, but also learning how to compensate, or do life activities differently so that the challenges experienced do not get in the way of living your best life. 

Often with Daily Living Skills, a higher level of strategy is needed to really see success. 

If you would like to explore what this could look like for you or someone you care for, connect with us here for a strategy session. 

Community Access

Getting out and about looks different for everyone. 

Whether it be public transport training, learning to use uber, building confidence to cross the street… or get your mobility device to locations of interest, our team is here for you. 

If you have goals about getting out into the community and feel like this is your next step, connect with us now to learn how we can help. 

Out and About

The world has opened up so much for individuals living with disabilities, however we get that it can be at times difficult to get outside our comfort zones and try new things.

We really enjoy working with individuals who want to push the boundaries in their lives, exploring places and experiences which they have only previously hoped for. 

Whether it be work, community locations or building relationships outside of disability services, our team are here to help. 

Reach out now to find out how we can best support you!

Interests Development

Whether it is a new life stage, a newly aquired challege or our dreams have grown, exploring what you are interested in is an exciting… and sometimes overwhelming space. 

Afterall, it’s hard to know what we might be interested in exploring, if we do not yet know… what it is that we do not know… 

The good news is that our team are here on standby to help. As occupational therapists, our special focus is on the “art of doing” and therefore LOVE exploring all the kind of amazing and awesome things there are to do in this world.

If you are feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed…or even frankly just board… We encourage you to reach out to see what the journey of “doing” can bring to you!

Vehicle Modifications

Getting to where you want to go should be something that is mindless. 

The hassle of organising transportation, or the effort in transfering from your mobility support to a vehicle can zap you of energy which could otherwise be used to add joy to you. 

Our team are here and ready to explore passenger based vehicle modifications, or stowage solutions for you along with supporting funding applications. 

To find out more about vehicle modifications, contact our team to find out more.


Kitchen Tasks

cooking and meal preparation are key tasks in every day life. Whether you are wanting to manage a whole meal, or just get some foundational food and drink preparation under your belt, our team are able to assist. 

Whether you are wanting skill training, assistive technology or support in increasing the potential for your support workers to optimise your ability, our team will be able to assess and support you right where you are at. 

Contact us now to start your meal prep journey. 


Money Management

Everyone needs skills to manage and make informed decisions about money. Whether it’s managing a budget, understanding your bank account, or simply doing the shopping and knowing how much cash is needed for the weekly staples, managing money skills is an essential living skill. This is a skill that may come easier to some as opposed to others. It requires problem-solving, concentration, calculative and decision-making abilities, which may be inherently difficult for some to come by, or may be lost due to developmental issues or trauma. 

The Kadia team is trained to provide person-centred solutions to anyone with the goal of improved money management skills. This may include the provision of education, visual charts, communication boards, practise in context-specific environments, plus an array of other methods. 

If you would like to explore what this could look like for you or someone you care for, connect with us here for a strategy session.

Contextual Assessments

Understanding our environments in depth is at the core of occupational therapy. It is something that occupational therapists do best- to deconstruct, decipher and analyse contexts where activity takes place. They are trained to understand what is enabling or inhibiting your potential for goal-achievement and improved meaningful occupation. 

That is where contextual assessments are important, as means of assisting the occupational therapist and client to better interpret the environmental enablers or barriers of your particular space. This may be any space that is particularly important to you and your desired goals, such as cooking within the kitchen, showering within the bathroom, gardening in the backyard, or sleeping in the bedroom. 

Whatever the activity, our Kadia professionals are equipped to fully analyse and make recommendations to improve your context, which will assist to empower you to achieve your goals.     

If a contextual assessment sounds like your right next step, connect with us here.

Recreation Access

It is a key component to anyone’s wellbeing- to take time to do, play and connect with the activities you love. This may be playing a sport, sewing, crafting, playing an instrument, gardening, reading, cooking, playing cards, writing or using technology. It’s what envirgiarates us as people and gives us life and purpose, to pursue those activities which fill us with joy, relaxation, centredness and peace. For many, engaging in much-loved leisure activities may look different to others or to the way you performed them before, as new challenges in life arise, which impact physical, cognitive and mental functions. 

At Kadia, we understand the purpose and joy that such personal and life-sustaining activities offer to every person and we are invested in recovering your potential for enhanced engagement in such activities through a vast range of strategies including equipment prescription, home modification, increasing your support and much more.

 If you would like to unpack what this could look like for you or someone you care for, connect with us here for a strategy session.

Support Optimisation

Our supports around us often build the infrastructure we need to sustain life, whether it’s our family, friends, community members, social support system, health professionals or funding bodies. This list can be extensive and essential to the maintenance or positive development of our physical, emotional, social, medical and financial needs to name but a few. 

Individuals may face times when crises occur in life and the need for these formal and informal supports may need to quickly rise. Sadly, they may feel unsure where or who to turn to when suddenly faced with long-lasting, permanent or age-related conditions.   

The Kadia team knows the importance of a well-functioning and comprehensive support system which maximises an individual’s potential. We provide strategies which focus on specific individual contexts to optimise your support structures. These may include your ability to access funding, NDIS, My Aged Care, DVA and/or other funds which are essential to achieving your goals, and navigating the professionals involved in these organisations. 

To find out what would work well for you, connect with our team here. 

Rare Condition Support

Rare conditions may include rare chromosmal deleations, enzyme conditions such as MPS, as well as those more well known such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida to name but a few. Whether it’s neurological, genetic, musculoskeletal, paediatric, developmental, or acquired, people living with a rare disease, their families and/or carers, often need access to a range of services. These may include specialists, disability support, information, social support and allied health.

 As allied health professionals, occupational therapists are ideally placed to provide person-centred, goal-oriented care who appreciate the person behind the condition. This includes taking care to consider all matters related to the person, their goals, interests, skills, supports, environments, activities, needs as well as functional, cognitive and mental limitations induced by the condition itself. 

 At Kadia, we take care to provide person-centred, client-tailored strategies which are customised for your needs, desires and goals, as everyone’s condition affects them in different ways, therefore calls for personalised care.

 If you or your loved one is in need of support to optimise their potential and quality of life, connect with our team here. 

Early Onset Dementia

It may start with misplacing the phone, forgetting to take medication, or missing an appointment. Watching someone experiencing early onset dementia is distressing as you may witness loved family members or friends deteriorate in their abilities to complete once simple activities turned into daily challenges. Occupational therapists are well-positioned and trained to determine what is working well for the persian experiencing dementia. Recommendations may include providing education to family members, incorporating memory aids, providing assistive technology and/or providing support to ensure that the person’s skills are maintained for as long as possible.

At Kadia, we work alongside people living with dementia and their families/carers to empower them to have confidence living independently for as long as possible in their homes, aged-care facility and/or community. We take care to provide person-centred interventions to optimise function, promote relationships, social participation and quality of life. 

 If you or your loved one is in need of strategies to optimise their quality of life, connect with our team here. 

SDA / ILO Assessments

Supported disability accommodation and individualised living options are funded packages of support that allow an individual to choose where and how they would like to live in a way that suits them. Navigating supported living options can be a tricky and overwhelming process for anyone exploring alternatives to their living arrangements or seeking to further their independence. There are lots of choices to make about your accommodation. These include decisions involved in designing your support package with close consideration needing to be made of your preferences, strengths, support needs, informal and community networks. 

 This is where our services can meet your needs when navigating the often confusing and immense task of seeking funded accommodation, which helps you to achieve your independence goals. We conduct the necessary assessments, and advocate for your rights, wants, needs and goals to NDIS to obtain the most suitable supported accommodation that you or a loved one may be searching for.  

 If an SDA/ILO assessment sounds like your right next step in your independence journey, connect with us here. 

Pressure Care

Pressure care becomes of paramount importance for someone dependent on wheelchair mobility, or anyone seated or remaining stationary in similar positions all day. In fact, if pressure points are not carefully monitored and mitigated, serious health risks may ensue. When it comes to seating systems, pressure cushions, mattresses, back, leg, arm and postural support, occupational therapists are highly trained to assess the risks which evolve from pressure build-up on certain body locations. 

At Kadia, we take your pressure care seriously and can provide you with suitable evidence-based assessments, treatments, equipment and the advocating you need to funding bodies who provide these necessities. We manage your comfort, health, quality of living and improved participation in valued occupations with utmost care and go to lengths to support your pressure needs.

To find out what pressure systems would work well for you, connect with us to explore your next step. 

Holiday and Lifestyle Planning

Holidays and balanced living are an important part of reclaiming your independence, confidence and increased quality of life.  

Evidence shows that holiday-making and maintaining a lifestyle well-balanced in work, leisure and self-care provides many benefits to the individual no matter what your condition may be. It may be as simple as planning time to remove pressure from responsibilities, reduce stress, recognise meaningful interactions or find your sense of belonging. It may involve comprehensive planning such as travelling with bulky assisted devices, understanding overseas travel legislation for a person with disability, or ensuring safe and comfortable travel with appropriate pressure care. It could even be ensuring adequate support networks are in place for long or short haul travel. 

Whatever your holiday or lifestyle planning may require, if you are someone, or caring for someone with a disability or who is experiencing a condition which makes it difficult to plan travel, a Kadia Occupational Therapist can provide the services you need.   

We take care of your travel and balanced living plans. If holiday and lifestyle planning sounds like your best next step in your independence journey, connect with us here. 

Getting onto the NDIS

Occupational therapists are one of the key allied health professionals to get you started with the NDIS and advocate for you to achieve your goals. Occupational therapists work with people living with permanent and significant disability to assist them to achieve participation in everyday occupations, and implement strategies that promote independent lives.

Occupational therapists are frequently funded by the NDIS to work with a participant to achieve their goals. This includes the service of occupational therapists in the provision of advocating for the individual to receive assistive technology, vehicle modifications, minor and major home modifications, or supported disability accommodation. 

Occupational therapists are perfectly placed within allied health and the NDIS to make your voice heard, as they are well-trained to perceive the individual holistically. They understand what’s important to them, factors concerning their condition, social support, environment and meaningful occupations.  

At Kadia, we want to empower you to practise your right to receive funding, practise choice and control with your funds and attain your goals. We are a well-experienced, highly-energetic team with the right qualifications, skills, and know-how to help you navigate your NDIS journey. 

To get your NDIS journey started, connect with our team here.  

Standardised NDIS Assessments

In order to prove your individual needs and necessities as an NDIS participant, standardised assessments will be conducted with you by your occupational therapist. These are empirically-based assessments, screens, tests or forms that allow the occupational therapist to demonstrate substantial evidence to the NDIS that your needs are significant, and require funding to action the best outcomes for you. Assessments may be conducted in many areas of life, depending on your needs such as mobility, motor skills, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care, self-management, transport, accommodation and home-environment to name a few.  

At Kadia, we are invested wholeheartedly in supporting our NDIS clients and advocating for their needs along every step of the journey. We make it our prerogative to research, find and conduct the most suitable standardised assessments that assist in getting you the funds you need to improve your quality of living.  

If a standardised NDIS assessment sounds like your right next step in your independence journey, connect with us here 

Goal Development

As someone with a disability or condition, having goals is important as they guide you to achieve what’s most important to you. This is usually done with the assistance and intervention of medical and allied health professionals. Such professionals include occupational therapists, who provide person-centred service by advocating on your behalf to get the most suitable interventions in place that help you reach your goals.  

To backtrack one step, occupational therapists also help individuals to determine what is most important to them by collaboratively developing goals with individuals. That is, working out what they would like to achieve in the short, medium and long-term. Goals may include cognitive- such as improving attention-span, physical- such as grasping a set of keys, functional- such as getting dressed independently, as well as many more.  

Kadia occupational therapists know how to work with you to find out what is most important to you, and how to go about achieving that. To develop your goals, connect with us here.  

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process by which occupational therapists use evidence-based frameworks to uncover, identify and address barriers and enablers about you as the client. This may also include your environments such as home, work and social settings, and your everyday activities.  

At Kadia, we take great care to provide thorough person-centred strategic planning sessions to learn about your situation, your wants, needs, concerns, strengths, barriers, and all that’s in between. In doing so, clear goals, strategies, timelines, recommendations and processes to achieve approval and funding can be carried out.  

Getting from beginning to end can be daunting when it comes to working out the best strategy to meet your goals. However at Kadia, our occupational therapists provide effective and individualised processes to help you achieve the best outcomes for your living.  

 If you would like to explore what strategic planning could look like for you or someone you care for, connect with us here. 

Funding Application Support

Navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming at the best of times. Wrapping your head around core, capital and capacity building budgets, then getting funding approved for equipment, modifications or accommodation, can be a daunting process.

This is where your occupational therapist can assist you to bridge the gap between your goals and funds necessary for their fruition.  

At Kadia, we are a group of highly-experienced and trained individuals well-versed in NDIS language. We specialise in assessing your needs and developing NDIS reports which are submitted on your behalf. These applications justify your need for funding to attain support such as assistive technology, vehicle or home modifications, support worker hours, or support disability accommodation. 

To receive support with your funding application, connect with the team here.  

It is also important to remember that the NDIS are not the only sources of funding. Our therapists are experienced in advocating for health and disability and can assist you in your application for a variety of different grants.

Click here to connect. 

Carer and Sibling Support

-At Kadia, we understand the gross emotional time, energy and investment that carers, siblings, family members and close friends put into caring for their loved one. We are guided by well-grounded evidence that demonstrates that the more supported and educated the family members are of someone with a disability, the greater the health, wellbeing and outcomes will be for all parties.  

That’s why we make it our priority to provide support and education to family members. This may take many forms, such as, seeking assistance for respite when needed, locating support groups, increasing support worker hours, and providing holistic and un-compromised service. 

When we meet a client, we meet their family and close friends, who are an integral part of their equation. The more education and skills that we can provide them, the greater the client’s independence, functional capacity and health outcomes will be.  

To find out more about how we can support carers and siblings, connect with the team here.  

Sensory Profiling (Adult)

As humans, we all experience life through our senses. Whether it’s visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste, or movement, this sensory information comes from our bodies and surroundings, and provides a unique experience to all of us. 

Sensory profiling provides a detailed approach to understanding our own unique processing of sensory information through evidence-based frameworks. Sensory assessments help occupational therapists to identify, gather information, and organise your unique sensory information into a manner that makes sense to you, your loved ones and other health professionals. Information about tactile, kinaesthetic, taste/smell, visual, touch, activity, and auditory are just some of the types of information all important to understanding your in-depth sensory profile.  

If you would like to explore what sensory profiling could look like for you or someone you care for, connect with us here. 

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