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Interview With Ashlie

    A day in the life of a Occupational Therapist working in community health  Occupational Therapy is generally a profession that comes with a multitude of confusion and misconceptions about its actual roles and duties. Typical myths that revolve around...

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Context is Everything
Context is Everything

In OT - context is everything. The value a task or activity has for a specific individual, or the time and location of the activity. Each element has a unique impact. Different settings, situations and environmental propmts have the potential to illicit completely...

Life At Kadia
Life At Kadia

  Having your team behind you 100% so that you can be your very best is what being a team member at Kadia is all about. Our team get that you can't keep giving, and giving... and giving to your client's in the way your heart wants you to, without your team...