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Kadia Values In Real Time At The Disability Expo
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Kadia paves the way for excellence in highly personalised and boutique-care community occupational therapy.   


We help to guide, create and carry the story of our clients to their next ‘life destination’. The team at Kadia enable and empower their clients to create futures doing what really matters in life and gaining joy and meaning from it. As we sojourn together towards this goal, we do so by maintaining a set of principle values that guide our outlook as we seek to engage and relate to our community members. These are: 


  • Committing to be agile, flexible and open in our minds, processes and culture 
  • Holding the eye of curiosity to understand all contexts before designing outcomes and solutions 
  • Choosing courage over comfort, guided by values and vulnerability rather that what’s fast and easy 
  • Rising together to elevate opportunity and promote growth of the Kadia team  
  • And championing the spirit of excellence through healthy striving to bring our best selves to our clients and each other. 


Through the lens of these guiding values, Kadia attended the Disability Expo held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in January 2022. During this expedition, Kadia was able to liaise and network with other key disability organisations. With the spirit of an eye for curiosity, we were able to: 


  • Grasp a deeper and more contemporary understanding of specific consumer populations requiring disability services  
  • Discover the therapy trends current to Melbourne’s scene, such as rising niches of nature-based therapy, sensory experiences, social groups, mental health services, and dance, fitness and wellbeing groups  
  • Observe the types of services most relevant to those with disabilities such as NDIS and financial aid 
  • Update its knowledge about the less known types of therapies such as equine therapy 
  • Learn more about competing organisations that offer allied health care in the community 
  • And chat to suppliers and other health professionals about their unique quality of service. 


The Disability Expo was a choice opportunity to apply Kadia’s core values, as it was an ideal event to further our knowledge and understanding of Melbourne’s Disability movement. The Expo was advantageous for learning what’s new within services, seeing advances in technology, which consumer groups have yet to be reached, and learning about limitations or gaps in knowledge that still exist in service provision. Kadia values the information gained at such events in order to fill in those gaps and continue to be a leading pioneer of OT service and education in the community. 

At Kadia, we value the richness that research and lived experience brings to the team. We continue to spotlight our presence in the community and seek to remain up-to-date with relevant trends of Melbourne’s disability sector. In doing so, we honour our principles of commitment to flexibility, curiosity, courage, growth and championing the spirit of excellence, in order to move our clients’ stories forward and support them to create their new tomorrow.   

If these values resonate with you and that you’d like us to join your story, please reach out and connect with us or phone: 1300 577 929 







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