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SDA And SIL Assessments

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Occupational Therapy functional Assessments are a core component of SIL and SDA assessments. These assessments provide the objective and ‘whole of life’ information required to access both of these funding options. 

Whether it is housing support (SDA- Supported Disability Accomodation) or hands on support (SIL- Supported Independent Living) that you are interested in, your Kadia OT will be able to capture your personal needs and communicate this to the SDA Review Pannel.

In the past, families were able to book a place in an SDA or SIL location whilst awaiting application approval. However, with new DHHS processes in place, approval for SIL or SDA must be presented to hold a space. 

Therefore, it can be a wise option to start the assessment process before the situation is urgent. 


The Occupational Therapy Assessments will unpack both care needs and environmental needs of each individual. 


The process includes standardised assessments, interviews and observations. 


If you would like to know more of what this looks like, please give us a call. 


Basic Level

Exisiting Homes which would not otherwise meet SDA Design Standards.


Improved Livability

Built to a reasonable level of access, catering for the needs of those who experience intellectual, sensory or cognitive impairements.


Fully Accessable

Built to a high level of access, catering for the needs of those who experience high levels of physical environment support.



Robust category homes must be built to Silver Level. The choice of building materals can tollerate high level impact, and homes are required to have features such as secure doors and windows. This level home is often accessed by people with complex behaviours. 


High Physical Support

These homes require a high level of access, including capacity to handle ceiling hoists, assistive technology, sensitive heating and cooling and backup power solutions.


Supported Independent Living (SIL)

This is the higher level of funding which provides support for individuals who need assistance in completing daily tasks. SIL is usually accessed by individuals who want to live with increased autonomy from family or friends and require close and intensive in-person support to manage daily life. 


the process

How it all works


Book a Consultation

A one to one session focused on what is most important to you. Listing to your story and unpacking the barriers to achieving your Goal.

Assessment and Intervention

Once we have a clear understanding of what you want and where you want to be in life, we will help you brake through the barriers holding you back.

Let Us Do The Hard Parts

Where funding support is needed, such as from the NDIS, TAC, SWEP, DVA or alternate sources, we will step through the appropriate processes to enable you to maximise your opportunities within these funding programs.