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Having your team behind you 100% so that you can be your very best is what working at Kadia is all about.

Our team get that you can’t keep giving, and giving… and giving to your client’s in the way your heart wants you to, without your team also pouring into you what you need.

Without the right support, life balance, creative collaboration and career investment, seeking to give the quality of support, care and concern our clients need would otherwise lead to one fate-full end….


It breaks our heart… to think that some teams are so focused on the now, they forget to invest in tomorrow. Leading to unsustainable expectations, which eventually lead to erosion in service quality – with the very people we seek to serve being impacted.

So, here at Kadia we constantly check in as a team, seeking to constantly support our future selves so that we can build a better and better tomorrow for our team…

with our client’s being the ultimate winners – as they get to experience what true, energised and passioate OT’s can do for them.

If this sounds like a space where you would thrive, and get to provide the quality of Therapy that you dreamed of early in your career,

then maybe…

just maybe..

You have found your OT home.