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The Kadia Team

"on the pulse"

The Kadia Team believe in providing quality, boutique, relationship based, therapeutic care and support. 

We recognise that having the right support, at the right time, by the right people is what builds a successful outcome for you.  

Whilst we believe that we are pretty fantastic at what we do, we recognise that we may not always going to be the best fit for your needs. 

We seek to ensure that each interaction we have is one that uplifts and moves your story forward

So, if we identify that another service or individual is better placed to support your outcomes, we certainly will link you in. 

We know that you are the expert in your own life, and that our role is to be a resource to guide you to your life destination.

We see our roles as a kind of ‘Sherpa’, leveraging off our collective experience to guide and help carry the burden of the journey to your ‘new tomorrow’.  

As Clinical Stratagists, we can also support a collaborative approach with your whole story to ensure you are leveraging off the best options available to you. 


CEO / Clinical Strategist

Occupational Therapist



Client Experience Officer

“R U OK” Champion



Clinical Team Lead

Occupational Therapist



Occupational Therapist




Clinical Lead 

Occupational Therapist



Occupational Therapist




Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapist


Allied health Assistant


Occupational Therapist


Project Officer / Allied Health Assistant


Personal Assistant / Admin




Allied Health Assistant


Unveiling Soon

Our AHA Team is about to reveal our next team addition….watch this space!


Client Experience Officer 


Allied Health Assistant 


Unveiling Soon

Our OT Team is about to reveal our next team addition….watch this space!


Our Inhouse “Tech-head” 


Operations Manager

Is This You?

Our Team enjoy spending time together.

We value each other, and know that what we have is special.

If you think you would be a good fit, jump over to ‘careers’ to check out the vacanices.

the process

How it all works


Book a Consultation

A one to one session focused on what is most important to you. Listing to your story and unpacking the barriers to achieving your Goal.

Assessment and Intervention

Once we have a clear understanding of what you want and where you want to be in life, we will help you brake through the barriers holding you back.

Accessing Funding Supports

Where funding support is needed, such as from the NDIS, TAC, SWEP, DVA or alternate sources, we will step through the appropraite processes to enable you to maximise your opportunities within these funding program