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Our Team are committed to bringing out your best, and connecting you to the right therapist, team and service that meets your needs…This means that we are committed to providing customised care and supports, including connecting you with, and working with your personal support team. We are committed to seeing you succeed and thrive, so, if we are not the best fit, we will help guide you on your way.

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Welcome to Kadia!

Your Local Team Of Occupational Therapists

We know that conveyer belt, cookie cutter type therapy is not what gives lasting change…

And that you do not want to be a passive passenger in the journey that is your life…

So that is why at Kadia, we commit to working with you, and your care team to help you ‘create your new tomorrow’.

We get that every single person’s story is different, and that often we can live a life filled with barriers and frustrations…

If your goal is to stay at home and be safe in your space…


If you have ‘shooting for the stars’ type life goals…

We are ready to journey with you and help you unpack what you need to see your goals become reality.

We commit to finding the right solution to solve both your ‘now’ problems, whilst protecting against future challenges so that you can live your best life

Our Team are focused on providing boutique, high quality, personalised, strategic, Occupational Therapy, backed by evidence.

With our passion to share the impact of strategic therapy, we provide Secondary Consultations and Strategic services for those who are feeling like their “therapy wheels” are spinning, or for those who’s current therapy team are seeking additional supports.

We leverage off the diverse skills and depth of experience within our Therapy and Clinical Assistant teams to bring you the richness of experience and collaboration, enabling us to optimise your outcomes.

Our team understand that to bring their best, they need to be their best…  with the result we were a finalist (Top 5 Nation Wide) in the 2021 Allied Health Awards for Team Culture Excellence. 

The best thing is – we can support you virtually (telehealth) or come to you! 

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